We decided it would be easier to move again than to clean the teenager's rooms.

Monday, April 30, 2012

let them eat cake

I know I have just been spending all my free time picking up an entire kitchen piece by piece and moving it three blocks, alone. Please feel free to go ahead and complain about what kinds of bread we have in the house.

concession to clutter

When we got married seven years ago, the Pastor and I started putting together a puzzle.

It's not finished yet.

contact paper

This contact paper made me happy. There was no way I was going to replace it. I just gave it a gentle wipe-down.

you complete me

That magical moment when you move and everything is clean and organized, and all the lids match up with all their containers.

panic room

These dish towels I don't want anyone to use will be safe in the new house for a while, until someone finds them.

totally worth it

Sure, it would be a lot of trouble to move the entire house, but I knew it would be worth it for the extra sink in the utility room. A sink that nobody could fill with dishes, right?

Movin' Right Along

Welcome to our fifth move in seven years.

We keep trying to lose at least one kid, but those crafty teenagers - we can't get anything past them. They keep finding us! I think they just go where the food is.

After this many moves? I am an expert contact paperer. You need drawers lined? I am your gal.