We decided it would be easier to move again than to clean the teenager's rooms.

Friday, September 6, 2013

picture this

More stuff hanging around the parsonage ~

vintage postcard (sometime between 1898 - 1913) women's suffrage, less than $1 at an estate sale

Castle picture on the right from an estate sale that was around the corner from us a number of years ago. Also more vintage framed postcards. We've been to all these places and I have found it is much easier to pick up "souvenirs" like this than to lug them around on a trip. I like it when I can find postcards at estate sales, but only when they are cheap.

Plaques - I think I will hang these cuties up in our bedroom. $2.99 each.

I do love this plaque too.

One more. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in a green and yellow house. Slowly but surely my dream is coming true.

"Whoo" wouldn't want cute owls like this hanging up in their bedroom? I have a pair of them, framing a window.

vintage valentines, the bag of them less than $5 at an estate sale

Now that I have the girl/boy plaques I may take the valentines down or I may just rearrange and incorporate the girl/boy. I haven't decided yet!

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